Starship Troopers

2h09 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Synopsis & details

Some movies have the disadvantage that they were too far ahead of their time. Starship
Troopers barely broke even at its release and was torn to shreds by movie critics (The Wall
Street Journal didn’t even hesitate to call director Verhoeven a neo-Nazi). There was way too
much violence, nudity and totalitarianism in this sci-fi epic where, in the far future, humanity
makes first contact with a race of giant and particularly aggressive insects. The result is an
all-consuming intergalactic war. But who’s really the aggressor here? More than twenty years
after its release, Starship Troopers is not only considered to be one of the best and most
influential sci-fi films of the nineties, it’s also more relevant than ever in these times of
Trump. The ideal occasion to watch it again or discover it on a giant screen.

Far too controversial and not much of a box office success at its release, but Paul
Verhoeven’s spectacular sci-fi epic was way ahead of its time and, in these times of Trump,
more relevant than ever.