Yugo Drivethrough Concert


Synopsis & details

Line-up :

  • 20h-21h : 22heures30
  • 21h15-22h : Blu Samu

22heures30, a young female DJ coming straight from Brussels.  This brings its own atmosphere with new songs but also timeless ones.  And that, while mixing : Hip-Hop, Trap and Afro.

Being part of the official DJ team of NRJ Belgium, where we can listen to her every week, she has already performed in the most famous places in Belgium (Bloody Louis, Birdy, Versuz, Trix, Botanique, etc.) but also abroad (Switzerland, ..).  She has worked with several artists and had the opportunity to do the first concert parts for ICO, Ikaz Boi, 13block, and more.

From Portugal to Brussels, passing through Antwerp, Blu Samu (23) already lived several lives. Somewhere in between poet and urban samurai, Blu Samu tells her story through an intuitive mix of hip hop and soul, using her hoarse voice to express her love of words.
She moved in with her friends from Le 77 in Brussels, and in them -and Zwangere Guy- she found a real crew, a family; resulting in quickly becoming the new sensation of Belgian hip hop. She confirmed her status by winning the red bull elektropedia award for best upcoming urban artists and performing at massive festivals such as Dour and Pukkelpop.
When she’s not performing in Belgium, Blu Samu plays one gig after the other all over Europe representing Brussels with her DJ Loumana by her side.